How to clean Burberry scarf without ruining it?


Nov 5, 2006
Is there is safe way to clean it at home? I don't trust leaving my scarf at the dry cleaners.

If I do use an at home dry cleaner does the cashmere get damaged or rough after cleaning?


Apr 5, 2009
I've always taken mine to the cleaners and never had a problem. It only cost me $4 per scarf, I do however go to the same place all the time. I'd be nervous using a at home dry cleaning kit on such a pricey scarf if you have a spot or stain that you need to remove(anything outside of just regular cleaning). JMO.


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Mar 29, 2010
Psyched! I took the risk and machine washed my cashmere Burberry Scarf. It came out great (NO SHRINKAGE or Running).

Here's how: My machine is a FRONT LOAD (I think agitators in top load washers are rough on clothes). I used a little Woolite and set it on Delicate Cycle, Cold Water with a Low Spin cycle. (My washer's a Samsung). I put it in my Dryer on its AIR DRY cycle. Removed it and
stored it in one of those special bags.

Now it'll b ready 4 me next winter.

Hope this helps.....:biggrin:


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May 4, 2008
I wash my scarves in the machine with cold water, in a lingerie bag. Hang to air dry.

I do not think the home "dry cleaning" really cleans well, just freshens up.


Sep 12, 2006
So. Cal.
I wash my scarves in the machine with cold water, in a lingerie bag. Hang to air dry.

I do not think the home "dry cleaning" really cleans well, just freshens up.
I agree. The DIY "dry cleaning" in the dryer simply adds a little clean "smell" to the items -- doesn't really seem to remove stains. I try to wash all of my cashmere in my washer in cold (with Woolite) and using "hand wash" function. Lay flat (or hang) to dry. There is very slight shrinkage, however (as well as a resultant thicker feeling). Consequently, I tend to buy items, such as sweaters, one size larger.


Jan 5, 2013
There are dry cleaners that will insure the items so that is always an option (albeit more expensive).
I've washed some cheaper cashmere using the method above with the lingerie bag and haven't had a problem but there's always a risk and I'm not sure I'd take it with my Burberry


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Sep 7, 2013
Montréal, Québec
Has anyone washed their Burberry lightweight scarf at home (wool/silk)?
I wash mine in a small wash basin in cold water with just a touch of detergent. I lightly pat it to agitate. After patting it in the soapy water, I pour the water out, refill with old water a couple of times to rinse, and add a few drops of fabric softener in the final rinse. I then drain and lay it out folded in half on a clean dry towel. I roll the towel to get the excess water out and hang to dry. It comes out very clean, soft, and no damage, shrinking, or pilling.
Jun 27, 2015
I hand wash my Burberry scarves in the sink using only eucalan (special no rinse detergent designed specifically for wools and hand knits- available at amazon and knitting stores). My wool blend one responded better to the hand washing then my cashmere one. Cashmere is a very delicate fabric that pills easily. I have dry cleaned both of them before and they come out very nice from the cleaners- nicely pressed and crisp. After dry cleaning the wool blend, I got it dirty, so I decided to hand wash it and it came out fine so now I always hand wash it instead of the cleaners. I don’t mind that my cashmere one looks heavily worn. I bought it because it’s thin, soft and warm. So the fact that it looks disheveled after hand washing doesn’t bother me and I will continue to hand wash. For others, I’d recommend dry cleaning the pure cashmere one, but not frequently since the chemicals will eventually tax the cashmere.


May 24, 2013
I think the cleaners would do a better job than me for my scarfs so I would always bring them in. But I think if you would like to do it yourself, I would suggest you the hand wash them and lay it flat to dry.