How to Carry a Mandarin Petit Noe?

  1. My Mandarin Petit Noe arrived today! I found her on eBay, and had her auth'd over on our expert boards. (THANK YOU EXPERT AUTHENTICATORS!) The seller said she'd never been carried and I believe him. She looks absolutely, perfectly brand-new and smells divine! Now, the only question is, since Labor Day I've been carrying my beloved Damier Speedy 30. How/when do I switch? Most of my friends are "carry one bag 'til its dead" types. And how do you carry a BRIGHT ORANGE purse?!?
  2. With style!
  3. Wear it with either a jeans and netraul top type of look (keep it simple) other wise the bag combined with too many colours and patterns (and keep accessorie to a minimum esp gold) will overwhelm your look.

    Congrats on the new bag. I absolutly love mandarin and its my favoruite LV creation EVAH!
  4. I agree! :tup:
  5. wow its beautiful!! i need to buy a black oneee
  6. OP here... when I saw this online, I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT! But, now that its here, I'm wondering if I should have gone for one in black. I mean, isn't part of going epi rather than a more recognizable LV pattern the subtlety of it? And there I go, selecting bright orange!!:smile:
  7. With confidence!!! It will look great this fall!
  8. Yes, b/c the LV logos are not in your face and the Mandarin Epi is still subtle in that way. The Mandarin I think is perfect for F/W, b/c people tend to wear darker colors, hence, the pop of the madarin purse would enhance your dark outfits.
  9. send it to me I'll show you
    disclaimer I won't send it back (evil laugh)

    Congrats I love Mandarin it is a wonderful colour!
  10. ^^^don't listen to her send it to me:nuts: I'll take modeling pics...
  11. Wow i love it.
  12. Wear black and IT*S HALLOWEEN!

  13. Wow- that's one stunning LV -enjoy it and wear it with pride and joy :yahoo:

    October it's a great month for orange bags :yes:
  14. Congrats on your new Noe, it's gorgeous!!! Wear it with neutrals and you will be just fine!! I picture it with khaki pants, a jeans jacket with a black top underneath.....ok, now I want it!!! :smile:
  15. With a big smile on your face....dont be afraid of a change...the color is beautiful and the bag is a great classic.