How to carry a demi?

  1. Can you girls share how you carry your demi bags? I have one and everytime I try to carry it I feel awkward. How do you use your demi bags and how do you carry them?
  2. I have a carly demi and it is actually pretty comfortable to wear on my arm. I throw it over my shoulder and carry it like that!
  3. I wear it over my shoulder.
  4. I have the signature demi pouch and I wear it over my shoulder. Its a perfect fit.
  5. I have the same bag and that's how I carry it. I have carried it as a clutch before as well.
  6. I carry it over my shoulder but, in the winter when I have a coat on, i either hold the strap in my hand or hold it like on my elbow. usually they wont fit over my coat without looking weird. Hope that helps!
  7. i have a black signature demi, and i carry it on the shoulder. to me, it's too small and light to carry it on my arm like a tote. idk, thats just my opinion. so i either carry it on my shoulder or in my hand.