How to care for your Coach boots?

  1. My coach boots took their maiden voyage to the mall and out to eat yesterday. I noticed some scuffing on the hell and the soles. Of course, I am worried because for how much they cost, I want to take REAL good care of them. So how do you care for your Coach boots? Do you put leather cleaner on them? Do you put something on their soles to keep them from scuffing? Inquiring minds want to know!
  2. I'm coming out! I want the world to know!! LOL

    Here is a picture a neighbor took of me before I went out to premiere my new coach accessories! :supacool:
    Pipers look.jpg
  3. Well shoes will get scuffed on the sole...that just happens with use!
    Don't worry, your boots will last a VERY long time.
  4. That's good to know but the heel itself on the bottom looked like it scuffed a bit and tore away from the sole. I don't want that to happen every time I wear them! :wtf:
  5. hummm...maybe take a picture and post it on here so I can see? I can only see them at work though if you use the attachment manager and don't just copy them in directly.
  6. Okay, here are some pictures of what I am talking about.


    I tried to get a clearer picture but if you look at the heel. There is a strand of leather kind of hanging on the edge like it's going to fall off. I hope that made sense.
  7. is the heel leather or plastic?----i think my coach boots have a plastic protective piece on the heel.
    as for the fronts of the soles go---if they are leather, you need for them to get scuffed up so they get kind of a build up on them so they won't absorb water, which would be bad. it is recommended you wear leather soled boots or shoes in dry conditions several times before wearing them in wet conditions. and they should be all scuffed up and yucky looking!
    did that make sense? looong week.