How to Care for Lambskin/Caviar?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know whether Chanel has a special leather care moisturizer for the lambskin and caviar? If not, is there something out there I could use?

  2. There are no special moisturizers as far as I know for them. Caviar is very durable and should be able to be cleaned by wiping it down. Do you have a bag that you are trying to revive?
  3. Yes I am trying to avoid any 'stretch' marks on my Multipocket Reporter or put some shine into it as it's getting dull.
  4. I believe that the leather on the Cambons are calfskin.
  5. elong is correct. it is calfskin
    they are durable but like lambskin if stratched theres little you can do.

    if you want shine vaseline is commonly used (not on cambons I dont know) but to make things more shinny
  6. ^oh wow, I'd be afraid of putting petroleum jelly on my Chanel:shocked:
    Cambons are neither lambskin, nor caviar, but like E said, they're calfskin.
    You can use a leather conditioner if you feel you need to, some have color to them., Try doing a search within this Forum, there's some products recommeded by our Member I believe.
    Caviar bags can be wiped w/ a damp cloth, some people recommend just using the oils on your fingers to rub on/in any marks found on any Chanel leathers.