How to capture a photo from LV site? Is it okay to do so?

  1. I'm a purple lover and just ordered a Vernis Roxbury Drive bag in Violette plus the Violette Cadanas key holder. I'm sooo excited!

    My question is, there is a lovely picture of both the bag and key holder I just ordered! I want to make it my avatar, but it is in Adobe Flash (?) or something so I can't just copy and past the photo of this. Does anyone know how to get a capture of this image? Is it 'ok' to copy this image as long as I don't use it for anything but my personal use and note that it's from LV (or is it some kind of copyright issue?). TIA

    You can see the photo go to the LV site below, skip intro, select shopping, then select women:;jsessionid=TOG5H0WLF1TOYCRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_US
  2. press print screen button

    then paste to whatever program you use to alter pictures.
  3. If you press the print screen button (aka Prt Scr) when you have the page open of the item, you can then go into an image editing program eg. Windows Paint, and click paste (Edit->Paste or Ctrl-V).

    For Windows Paint:
    1. Once you have pasted in the screenshot, click the select tool. (See pic 1)
    2. Now click and drag your mouse over the part of the image you want to make into your avatar, it should now be selected as in pic 2.
    3. Now click inside the area you selected and drag it to the top left of the screen (see pic 3). If you want to change the size of the part of the image you have selected, click and drag the little blue square on the edge of the selected area.
    4. Now scroll down to the bottom right of the Paint picture, and click and drag the little blue square (pic 4) until you have removed everything you don't want (pic 5).
    5. Now go into File->Save As and save it as a jpg.
    6. Now upload it to TPF!

    I don't know how familiar you are with computers so I hope this little guide isn't too hard / too easy. :biggrin: And I hope that it was helpful!

    As for the legality of it, I'm sure it is fine to use, after all it is just a picture of a bag that anyone could make (if they could be bothered) :biggrin:

    PS: I didn't know what image editing program you have/use but if you're on Windows then you should have "Paint" :biggrin:
    Step 1.jpg Step 2.jpg Step 3.jpg Pic 4.jpg Pic 5.jpg