How to BUY a BIRKIN from the Hermes boutique...

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  1. ...well, at least this technique worked for me here in Palm Beach. :yahoo:

    1) Visit the store regularly and become friendly with the most friendly sales rep. They are usually very professional and some are a bit formal. Get to know them all until you find the "one" that works best with you and will spend more and more time with you on the little looking at 10 scarves, wallets, etc...but do buy something so they know you are not just wasting their time.

    2) Ask, ask , ask...Never stop asking about Hermes birkins. Ask about returns, rejected birkins, new ones, etc. Just keep asking... I got mine in a matter of months - NOT YEARS

    3) The sales lady here in Palm Beach said and I quote, "We always get birkins here." Some Hermes boutiques never get any birkins from what I've been told. So, call the Palm Beach Hermes boutique if you want to get one sooner than later...considering the plan works for you, which I hope it does, as it has worked for me.

    Mine was a white clemence with palladium. Ouch! So beautiful. :roflmfao: Only five months of waiting. What seemed to work for me was when the saleslady took down my info and birkin wish list just on paper. She kept track of the inventory of birkins that came in during the Christmas season, and also who she was helping to find a birkin. I think what also helped was that it was a slow Christmas in 2005 here in Palm Beach. The "seasoners" as they are called never returned due to the hurricanes that pulled through. :wtf: So, I am inclined to believe there must have been a few unclaimed birkins, and that is how I got lucky :graucho:

    Okay. Ciao. Grazie.
  2. Thanx for the fabulous advice. Now if I was only able to go down to Chicago every weekend to suck up to the sales people on Oak St. Or maybe one day Minneapolis will have a Hermes of it own. A newly expanded Louis Vuitton and a Tiffany is a start
  3. if you do this at my boutique you´ll never ever get a bag :lol:

    but as it is with H no rules whatsoever. but i agree with your point nummero uno
  4. Good for you, Vickie.
  5. congratulations Vickie :smile:
  6. Congratulations Vickie!

    Your Birkin sounds beautiful! :yes:
  7. Welcome Vickie to the forum! Have a great time and make friends.

    I am so glad you found a birkin you love. Thank you for sharing.
  8. I'm with lilach. I agree with the first point. The rest are a little iffy. For those who aren't in Palm Beach they can't just call. :shrugs: The boutique won't sell them like that. And from what I understand almost ALL of the actual boutiques get birkins. They usually have at least one on hand.

    Anyway, your birkin sounds lovely! Post pics if you can!!!
  9. :heart: Thank you so much!:heart:

    When I say to ASK and keep ASKING, be as polite and nonchalant about it. Of course, they are not just going to throw birkins your way. You actually have to become "friends" with the salesperson. They are super nice and remember, just regular folk like you and I. I hope this helps...;) :wlae: :roflmfao: :rolleyes: :yahoo: <-- Goodness...I cannot get enough of these little faces. Maybe it's becuase I am a mom w/ young kids. Silly things are so cute to me. :jammin:
  10. Hey Vickie, what's the name of the SA at Palm beach sold you the birkin? Congratulations
  11. Banned!
    Let's let this one get buried.
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