How to arrange a DPD collection to return my order?

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  1. My Daria satchel arrived today and I didn't like it so I am currently trying to rearrange a collection, but I am having a problem.

    I call and a computer apparently picks up and gives me options and the one they have for collection requites that I have a DPD account. What do I do?

    Please someone help me!
  2. You quote the mulberry DPD account....122354...however don't you need a RMA number from Mulberry too? Have you gone into your online account and followed the instructions?
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    The Mulberry DPD account no is what they want. They quote it in their returns info sent with your order. I had problems with the automated system. Ended up ringing who arranged everything for me. Elvis is right though you need to log on to your account at Mulberry and your order. Click on the return option quoted near your item and they will issue a RMA number.
  4. I have never had a problem with it
  5. I finally managed to arrange it!! I quote the Mulberry account no. and then they had some options so I chose one of those and spoke to one of the assistants who was really helpful!

    They'll collect it tomorrow.

    THANKS to both of you!!
  6. Phew!!!!
  7. Shame you didn't like it ...what was wrong with it?
  8. I really liked the colour, but the front plaque was a bit too much for me! And I am also slightly worried about the leather. It was very soft and had a lovely feel to it, but it also feels like it will need a lot of babying! I cannot imagine how I'd feel if I was caught in the rain with it!! :biggrin:

    I am flying through Heathrow at the end of the month, so I figured maybe another large Antony would be better suited for me! Btw that second sentence sounded quite perverted!! :graucho: :biggrin: I already have an oak one that I bought with the pre-Christmas 20% John Lewis discount, and I love it, so probably getting another on is a good idea! ;)

    What do you think?
  9. Just spluttered my tea over the keyboard!!!!! If you love ant then another one sounds just the ticket
  10. Really? I am so sorry! :biggrin:

    Just called Heathrow to check if they have any and when I can reserve one. The lovely lady I spoke to said they always have them and I can call them up to two days before my flight and they'll keep one for me! :smile: