How to Accessorize my Damier NF?

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  1. I've decided to buy the Monogram Multicolore Bandeau in Black for my NF but that probably won't be for a few weeks (or more) because I won't be able to get to Vancouver until then and I really want to try it on before I buy it.

    In the meantime I'd like to add some accessories to it to personalize it a bit. But most of small accessories like keyfobs and scarfs are Coach. Would it be weird to use a Coach scarf on my NF? :confused1:I have one that I think would like nice on it but I'm not sure how I feel about mixing Coach accessories with a LV bag.

    What does everyone think? TIA :smile:
  2. I think a Coach scarf would be weird. But I'm old school and I just think mixing logos is just strange looking. However, A Hermes scarf on a Lockit or anything suhali would be cute. However, be aware that mixing too many logos, be it the Gucci, the Coach, the mono, or whatever, can be weird for some people and sometimes make you end up looking like you're trying too hard. You may want to try and add a Coach charm instead of a bandeau. There are some really cute charms at the Coach outlets. I saw a snowman, (perfect for winter). They also had a couple of cute flowers that would be sexy for a girl. Anyway, post pics when you get it figured out!
  3. Thanks for the input and in a way I do agree that's why I thought I'd see what others thought. I think it would be ok if it was a leather bag without logos to have a scarf from a different designer but I think mixing logo's is a bit much. I'll try the charm ideas, I actually have a Coach Penguin which is really cute, so I might try that :yes: and I've also been eyeing the new water lily Coach charm, I think that might be nice too.

    Thanks :tup:
  4. As mixing brands is OK with me, mixing too many logos isn't. If you don't have a neutral scarf I would go for charm. I have a problem like you myself- I haven't found a perfect accesorie for my Damier Neverful. Hope to see some photos soon! Mabey you'll me give some ideas
  5. I agree with the others. I don't mind mixing designers but mixing logos is too much. If you have a Coach scarf that had a non-logo design, I would go for it.
  6. Totally agree!
  7. Anything looks good

    Here are a few photo's of mine

  8. Thanks everyone :smile: I'll take some pics over the weekend of the different accessories i have and post them :smile:

    beljwl - thanks for the pics! I love love the watercolor bandeau (if that's what it's called?) against the Damier!
  9. I have to say the pink or brown papillon bandeau would look great! See pics attached from other TPFer's.

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