How the heck do I use a lanyard?!

  1. I got a Motorola RZR about 3 months ago and I am so excited, because I can use cute lanyards now! My old LG didn't have that capability :sad: I just got a cute coach lanyard from eBay ( the boot with the signature pattern on it) I jsut have NO idea how to loop the silly thing to the phone. I was looking at pictures and trying to figure out how others put it on their razr...can anyone please help me LOL
  2. ok the top of your phone there should be a tiny little hole or a small attachment off of the phone with a hole in it... you have to put the string of the lanyard in the hole (this is tricky) and then take the charm through the hole and just pull, it should tighten and the lanyard will be on your phone :biggrin:

    hope this helps
  3. Thank you Kiss me deadly :smile: This is what I had to end up doing...I am such a dork! I tied a piece of floss to the lanyard, then i was able to thread the floss through the attachment on the phone and was able to push the lanyard through! woohoo!
  4. haha, ok as long as you figured it out