How suitable as a spring/summer bag is this?

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  1. The colours on this are gorgeous, I love it loads. However, I'm a one bag a season kinda gal (damn you salary! :P) and I don't know in how far a bag that is a) suede and b) those colours is a good thing for summer. I just get an 'overheated' impression when I think about carrying it. But it is sooooo pretty...
  2. :tup:I think this bag is an all year bag. The colors would go just as beautifully with a white dress in the summer as a black fitted sweater in the winter. If you're interested in multi-colored bags, then I think you'll be hard-pressed to find one lovelier than this one.
  3. It has a huge 'my precious' factor, those colours are just so wow... Hoping to see it irl in three weeks.
  4. I have 'lovingly held' it IRL and it is TDF! You would be making purchase that you would not regret, IMO.
  5. it's a gorgeous bag, but i feel the same way about suede -- too much for summer.
  6. All will depend on how 'heavy' the suede is, I know they càn make it featherlight, really hope so.