How successful would one be at finding some Louboutin shoes at an Off 5th Outlet??

  1. So I am kicking myself for not buying these


    when they were on for 200 something dollars... so I call Saks and ask them where they might have some! And they find a store in San Antonio that had one in an 11!!! so I call and they say yeah they had it yesterday and went to check.... and they got sent out to the outlets :'(

    OMG i m so sad... :crybaby:I dont have any designer shoes (can't afford them) and would love these!!!

    So I wanted to ask, if I go to an Off 5th Outlet, what would be the probability of finding these or any other pair of Louboutin heels in a size 11 on sale??

  2. I would call the outlets and see if they are willing to do a charge send if they have them. I know the Nordstrom Rack will. The manager at the Off 5th near me said that every once in a while they will get a pair or two. But some stores in bigger areas might get more. But I think that calling to locate them might be your best bet at this point.
  3. I personally have not seen them but I have seen Prada, Dior and Chanel.
  4. If you're in CA, the Off 5th at the Block only seems to have espadrille wedges... No Soms here... :sad:
  5. I haven't seen them at my Off 5th, but my NM Last Call has a very limited selection of Louboutins.
  6. Thanks guys!! I am calling different outlets now

    dknight when you say Nordstrom racks, you mean like from an actual full priced store?? I m from NY we dont have a nordstrom here :sad: is there a specific one that usually has goodies??
  7. ^^^ Nordstrom Rack is the outlet for Nordstrom. I haven't gotten any Louboutins from them, but I have gotten other things sent to me. The outlets are all pretty much hit or miss. If you don't live near one, it is just a long line of phone calls to the different ones.
  8. Oh crap I never knew Nordstrom Rack was an outlet! i kept thinking people were talking about a sales rack in a Nordstrom store!!! :roflmfao:
  9. I was at the woodbury commons outlet today and they had nothing in the sizes ranging from 8-10. I didn't check the 11. But they really had NOTHING.
  10. i've only seen the espadrilles at my off 5th, and rarely
  11. Yeah I was watching those :sad: maybe after relisting it so much she ll let it go for 250-300 lol