How should I respond?

  1. You ladies are so helpful. I'm sure someone can help me with this:p.

    My mother was here visiting with us for 2 week over the Easter Holiday. When she came she also brought along a couple of gifts. Some were from herself of course---for us and the boys and a couple were sent by her friends to give to us. There is one friend that I do not know very well and have never met before who sent along a beautifully packaged--French Milled Bar of Soap (Huge and smells divine).

    I'm about to send the my mothers friends thank you notes because I forgot to send them back with my mother when she returned home. I want to thank them for their gifts but I'm not sure how to word them...particularly the one for the bar of soap. I always send out thank you notes and don't know why I am stomped I always like to mention the persons gift in the note so that it's more personalized and not a generic note.

    Should I say: "Thank you for the lovely bar of soap. I've truly enjoyed it....."....LOL Does that sound sounds odd to

    Thanks for any help on this ladies!
  2. I think "Thank you for the lovely bar of soap you sent. That was so thoughtful and sweet. It smells gorgeous!"

    Idk-Im not that great with wording either! lol..
  3. ^^ Thanks for your response. That sounds nice:yes::heart:.
  4. How about, "Thank you for the lovely body soap. I/We appreciate your thoughtful gift of luxury, and know we'll enjoy it very much."

  5. ^oooh that one is good too!

    Or "I made the mistake of dropping the lovely bar of soap you sent me last night and..."

  6. or, 'thank you for the gorgeous scented soap you bought us....' Oh, I don't know, but 'bar of soap' doesn't sound right does it? :confused1: Sorry, not much help!
  7. Thank her and tell her it smells divine!
  8. Crikey, I see your problem :s It's not like you can even tell her you'll think of her everytime you use it :roflmfao:

    Sorry I'm not much help am I :shrugs:

  9. "Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. It smells wonderful and I can't wait to use it."
  10. :lol:
  11. Loved this!...LOL I've already sent the card. I kept it short and sweet. She's a woman in her 70's and the soap is very nice. It's so beautifully packaged that I don't even want to use My mother and her friends are the nicest women on the planet. They are always sending things for us here...LOL. Soaps, preserves...all kinds of things that we enjoy. I guess they just really love my there are a couple that I've never met and they always send things when she visits here. I'm going to have to get each of them something for Mothers Day:yes:. I'd feel great to do it!
  12. I would say something like this (sorry if it sounds a bit over the top)..Thank you for the lovely soap. My soap purchases are mostly utilitarian and cosist of Dial/Olay/Generic bath soap so your gift added a little touch of luxury to my life.
  13. I always say something like 'Thanks for the ____. It was so nice of you to think of us/me'. (If there isn't a lot to say).
  14. LOL come on, this is not hard.

    Dear Ms Ancientdays,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful soap you sent!

    The fragrance is absolutely divine! I close my eyes and imagine that I am in a placid garden pool, surrounded by the most beautiful roses (or jasmine, or whatever it is)

    I don't know how you knew that of all floral scents, this is my absolute favorite. The Soap Artist has captured the most subtle notes of this complex fragrance. It is truly magical soap! Again, thank you so much for thinking of me!



    (And if you go ahead and take it out of the beautiful packaging and get in the tub with it as the artist intended and wants you to do, I bet everything in the note will be totally true)
  15. that would have been a very nice thing to put into a note!:yes: