How rare is the 30cm Gold or Black Birkin? Is it even worth thinking of?

  1. I was wondering how often if at all you ladies have seen a Gold 30cm or a black 30cm in one of the more durable leathers - not the smooth leathers or the softer ones like the Clemence. I have a 35 Gold in Clemence, however I would rather have one in 30cm and a sturdier leather - but not something that would scratch easily. I might even want a black Birkin over the one I have. How impossible is it to find these bags? I live near 2 Hermes stores, and it seems as though Birkins in general are not as rare as the are made out to be, however I don't go by the store half as often as I could.

    Also, how much ready-to-wear does one have to buy in order for an SA to offer to take your Birkin order?

    Thanks all....

    Gold Birkin 35.jpg
  2. :shocked: OMG, Acquistion... what a gorgeous Gold Birkin you have!! :yes:

    Just recently Vache Liegee was discussed in an informative thread here called Vache Liegee Owners....look on the Hermes front page with the threads listed ( I just read this VL thread ) opinions were mixed on whether members liked the VL for it's feel on the bags but many agreed that VL is a hardy leather and it might be a choice for you for the Birkin 30 you want??
  3. Birkins are there and they are to be had, but it is all the question if you will be the fortunate one to land the coveted bag.

    A great example...I went to one of my local H boutiques and they knew I was interested in a birkin. I was open to many colors etc. chance! I find out a friend of mine was there during the time I was on a "supposed" waitlist. I have yet to be called and guess what? On her visit, she was shown five birkins. Yes, five! She could have purchased any of them that she wanted. What does that tell you?

    There is no waitlist...there are birkins to be purchased...and you just have to have luck on your side. As she told me...things just lined up for her that day.

    You just have to be the one they choose to sell too. It isn't always about the relationship with the SA or how you look etc. She never bought a thing from that boutique. She just happened to walk in and ask what they had. LOL!!!

    What was wrong with me??? LOL!!!
  4. :yes: Same thing has happened to me KB. :sweatdrop:

    I was lucky enough to try on my friend's gold VL Birkin and let me tell you....Most gorgeous bag EVER!!!! Oh it was hard to give it back!!!! ;) :heart: :love: :heart: Definitely a dream bag of mine!!!
  5. Kellybag, I feel you pain and frustation as it is mine as well. To me it feels like, I want that candy, I can by the candy but I am not allowed to get it. Let us hope this is our year. I will let you go first as you have been waiting longer.:heart:
  6. KB You are absolutely right! How many times have I been inside the Store-That-Has-Nothing????? I can't even count! Have I EVER been shown a Birkin? No. Nada. NEVER!!!!!!!

    And yet I have friends who buy their Birkins from this exact store! Go figure!!!!
  7. I was able to purchase my 30cm black togo Birkin fairly easily, but had to wait and search for the same in gold. I think on the whole, it is harder to obtain gold. Thinking that more black bags are made across the board.
  8. KB and SM, does that frustrate you guys? :sad: So how else can one obtain a birkin without going the reseller route?? Does one have to dress a certain way, speak a certain "Hermès" language or code? And KB, you said that your friend did not make any small purchases before being offered a birkin for why did Hermès choose her to be the lucky one? Sorry if I am hijacking this thread...I just want to be prepared when my time comes to aquire a birkin. I would love for my first H purse purchase to be from the H store. Thanks for any advise! :heart:
  9. ^Sometimes I think that the SA are on a control trip. I have been in boutiques not carrying H and they just have a glazed over look when they smile and say hello to me. When I am carrying H and a really interesting bag, they are all over me and want to show me everything.

    This has been discussed previously on this forum and there is no answer. Luck is my best guess.
  10. i was in the store with my SA picking up a few small leather goods to make a 'rainbow'(since i LOVE everyone's colourful collection) and 2 ladies went into the store.
    the store manager approached them...and after 5 mins, i realised she was offering a SO on a birkin!
    those 2 ladies went into the store for the first time, never bought any H, the one who was putting name down said she needed time to save up for the bag. and manager just told her that her order will be place in July and bag will arrive ealy next year!
    i have bought 2 bags from that boutique, a kelly and a birkin, and other things as well, and nobody has ever mentioned SO to me~~
    so, kellybag and shopmom are right, it's just purely luck matter how good your relationship with you SA, no matter how nice the store manager is to you......
    if it's your day, you just get a birkin on your first visit!
  11. I agree too. Luck (or Hermes god) was on my side 2 weeks ago and now I am officially a birkin owner. :nuts:

    Kellybag, I hope you'll have lotsa birkin luck this year! Giving you my good Hermes vibes. :smile:
  12. :yahoo:Congratulations, Queenie...send some of that good luck of yours my way! :yahoo:

    P/S: You have to post modelling pics!
  13. I agree that it can be completely random. At a store I visit, one SA offered me an order after a few small purchases, yet I haven't been shown any Birkins from the back. I often do see others being shown the "hot" bags of the season, though, and yet, some others make huge purchases and are STILL told to keep checking in the store for Birkins.
  14. Well, the only 2 Birkins I have ever seen on the shelf or in the window at my boutique was a 30cm Clemence in Graphite and a 30cm Clemence in Blue Jean. Aside from that you are likelier to find an exotic - like lizard or even the fabulously over the top croc with diamonds - before finding a gold or black one on the shelf. Unless that is, you are "offered it from the back".

    I do wish you the best of luck in your search. There is nothing like the feeling of having a handbag that makes your heart scream and wimper with glee each time you use it. :nuts:
  15. Well, I find that here in Hawaii they are not that rare. With two Hermes Boutiques to choose from here, the chances are higher. I just the other day went into Hermes and they told me that two hours earlier, the bag I really want, the Gold 30cm had sold. I have seen many Birkins, however I blame not seeing the right ones on the fact that I don't walk by often enough. However I would love to know the secret code to getting called when they come in and placing an order. God, if I could do that... I have even asked them in the store, blatantly, and they told me I have to buy ready-to-wear and then maybe...maybe... I really don't like their ready-to-wear. A friend of mine says the SAs dont get commission on the bags. Is that true?