how rare is lilac?

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  1. i am debating if i should get a lilac on ebay or not. most of the sellers say that the color is rare.... but is it really the case?
    what are the odds finding it in stores somewhere (even tho it means i have to call 30 stores)
  2. the 06 lilac? what size are you looking for? i think there are still classiques around.
  3. yes, i am looking for a classique. i am very small 5'4" so big bags just make me look funny.where can i find them.
    also, did this ever go on sale. i ahve a hard time paying something full price if it ever go on sale someday somewhere (even tho i cannot get it on sale NOW). i dont know if that makes sense. :smile:
  4. I think all the 06 colors were on sale awhile back at a few select boutiques. I would just start calling around, but I dont think the sales are going on anymore- but I do think there are lilac classiques out there @ original retail prices.

    there is one on eBay for retail (actually less than retail b/c no tax)

    good luck!
  5. lilac '04 may be rare. but '06 i think not.
  6. so... for 06 lilac, do you girls think i should bite the bullet and pay full price or just wait til the next sale (someday....)?

    do you think the 06 lilac is ugly?
    i really like it... oh... decision decision
  7. me_love_purse, i personally like the 04 lilac alot more than 06 lilac. but if you like it, that's all that matters!
  8. is it really veiny?
    i know if i wanted to, i can find a pic of it in the balenciaga color thread, but i stopped after a couple of pages (too many pages to look at). the one that i have seen on ebay look kinda veiny. its a beautiful color tho.
  9. i think the '06 lilac is just as gorgeous as '04, but they're 2 different colors (i've got an '06 lilac work myself):tender:...the '04 is a rare & coveted color now & will probably go for lots of $$$ on e-bay (if you're lucky enough to find one)...but you can still find the '06 lilac in some of the stores (although probably not on sale)...i was in "Barney's" nyc yesterday & they had some lilac bags left...i would call & see if they've still got 'em ;)...just make sure to specify that you want one with a nice, deep color (the first i saw on the rack was really washed out) of luck to you & let us know what happens!!!
  10. I just saw a lilac Classique today at the Barney's in Manhasset N.Y , the S.A 's name is Cathy and she is very nice. I only saw 1 and I think it was $995... Hope that helps.....
  11. You and I both.... because of the chloe betty sale, i will never able to buy a chloe at it's full price.