How practical is a pink lambskin Jumbo?

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  1. I love it :smile:
    I desperately hunted for a new 12P m/l with no luck :sad:
    It's more of a bubble gum pink than a hot pink. If you have found one, and like pink, then I would purchase. There is a pink patent coming out for cruise that I will consider too.....
  2. I have/own one and am considering selling it. Not sure if it goes with my wardrobe...
  3. ^hmm, if that's the case, let's see some outfit pics! :biggrin: Even if it's just outfits laid out on the bed with the purse in the shot, then we can help you decide if it's practical or not. What colors do you usually wear?
  4. Hi you have posted about this bag in July and in August too. I think if you have had this bag for that long but still have doubts, I suggest you sell it as it seems your not sure of its practicality. Youve probably contemplated about this for months already. It is quite an expensive item so perhaps you can sell this and get another color thats more neutral? What other bags do you have in your collection already? If you have a few dark ones, a pop of color is also good to have.
  5. You're probably right. Currently i own two jumbos. Turquoise from 11A & pink from 12p. I also have a black Balenciaga, a Sahara Balenciaga, and a tri color Celine mini luggage on the way (navy, black, and wine/burgundy)

    Five designer bags (not counting my LV graffiti Neverfulls because I rarely use those (only in summer very casually)

    I got so many compliments on pink Chanel the few x's I wore it...I just feel like I'm "missing" more neutral & classic Chanel pieces like a vintage lambskin in black or a beige caviar.
  6. Also, I know there's multiple threads on this but which re-sale route should I go? I was offered only $1700 buy out for my turquoise jumbo in very good condition from 1 if not the most popular re-sellers. They offered me $2500 to consign these lowball offers SCARE me.
  7. There's a brand new one on eBay but it's $5900 yikes
  8. Perhaps you can sell the pink jumbo as you haven't worn it that much and buy a black or beige caviar as you can wear these with everything. I suggest the caviar than the lambskin as it is more durable if you want it for daily wear. You can have the turquoise as the pop of color and another one as a neutral bag. Between the pink and turquoise, how often do you wear the turquoise? I guess keep thinking and see if its worth it to keep the pink? You wouldn't want to have buyers remorse. But if you doubt, then do sell as it is money in the closet. And put it towards a bag you can use everyday even
  9. I haven't sold a Chanel bag but I use eBay for LV and balenciaga items. And just take all the precautions to ensure you don't get scammed
  10. Hmm, since you got so many compliments on your pink Chanel, y r u thinking of selling?
    Pink can be considered the new neutral. (I'm a pink colour lover, defending my love for pinks.) Those blacks and beige are easier available, r u sure u won't regret selling away your pink? :smile:
  11. This pink is gorgeous and practical, yes, even in lamb - lamb is more durable than it's reputation on the forum would suggest. But if you have been having doubts about it for this long, I don't think that is going to go away no matter how many of us try to reassure you. This bag just isn't working for you. Sell it and replace it with something that will!
  12. Oh my...... My mouth has dropped to the floor LOL.. that is 1 seriously BEAUTIFUL bag! Even if i pulled it out once a year i would never sell this Stunning bag! It is so amazing girl you can't sell it! Buy some white clothing, i've attached some pics of some nice things it could go with. Maybe floral dresses aswell.
    WHITE+KIM+Kim+Kardashian+arrives+BBC+Radio+uv47EIwkhwgl.jpg 5cc2049987c8155b_kardashian-balenciaga-handbag.jpg 7bebcd214e881955_Kim-Kardashian-white-peplum-top.xxxlarge_1.jpg Kim-Kardashian-White-Dress.jpg
  13. I love this pink I bought a woc in it! I used it a lot in the summer still looks brand new :smile: