How Practical are the 8 knot bags?

  1. I'm really loving the look of the 8 knot tote and hope to find one on sale but if I'm able to locate one, I will probably have to order it and not be able to try it on. So, I was hoping for some help from people who own them/have seen them IRL.

    I love the look of the leather, but it's lambskin, right? Does it seem prone to scratches?
    Would it be a good everyday bag, both in terms of taking abuse and in terms of comfort to carry?

    Any thoughts on why this bag didn't sell? All I can come up with is that the MM closure didn't scream Chanel as much as if they had used their regular CC closure. That seems awful vain though- anyone have a better explanation? Will this stand the test of time like other Chanels if I ever wanted to sell it years down the road?

    Thanks so much for the help!
  2. I quite like this tote, and the leather seems similar to the Cloudy Bundle collection which IMO is very durable for crushed lambskin.

    My take on why the 8 knots didn't do well is the short shoulder drop. Many women prefer a shoulder bag versus handheld. Other than that, I find the bag to be quite attractive!
  3. Thanks Roey! I also prefer a tad longer drop, but is it so short it's uncomfortable?

    Also, I'm torn on color and size. I may have to go with whatever I can find (if anything's left), but does anyone have any opinions on black, grey or brown and N/S tote or the hobo looking tote?
  4. I almost bought this in grey because it was on sale, but the handle is way too short for me......I wouldn't want to carry the tote in the crook of my arm. I guess if you are really really petite and thin you can wear it over your shoulder.....
  5. Maybe take a look at the hobo version as an alternative. I know it doesn't have the depth, but it might be worth it for a better shoulder strap drop.
  6. I'll do that!

    I saw some pics of the big tote on eBay and they fit it over the shoulder, but I guess it must have been quite snug. I get what roey was saying now- I always assumed it would fit over the shoulder. With a baby, I can't afford to lose an arm to carrying my bag!

  7. Echo_23 - you may want to think about the hobo. It definitely fits over the shoulders, isn't very heavy, and zips at the top. I got mine at Nordstrom a few months ago on sale. I've included some pictures for you.

    I rarely buy hand held bags, but the 8 knots tote is one of my exceptions. I like the leather and the design.
    8knotshobo1.JPG 8knotshobo2.JPG 8knotshobo3.JPG
  8. ^ great advice - this looks really practical if you are worried about useability (sorry, I know that's not a word).
  9. Thanks so much for the pics aptmtb- I love the hobo! I think that's the way to go because as much as I adore the tote, I just can't do a handheld big bag.
  10. I got an 8 knots tote in grey on sale. I absolutely adore the leather but I just want to lengthen that shoulder strap about 4 inches. I may pass it on to my sister. If she declines I can let you know when/where I return it. But it is the TOTE not the HOBO.
  11. I had the tote sent to me on sale but it was huge! Does anyone know if the hobo is on sale? I saw one on eBay, but it's $1800.:confused1: TIA!
  12. Now I really want the hobo, but I agree ebay prices are so high considering it was just on such huge sale! I called my local stores and nobody had the hobo. I guess I'll have to keep my eye out for a return or a kind ebayer looking to pass on a good deal.
  13. Echo...don't you think that the hobo was pricey even on sale? Maybe it never went down past the 30%? Seems like alot for that bag, but now I'm obsessed:love:. I'll let you know if I find the hobo marked down.
  14. I know! They're definitely way too pricey for me on ebay. I thought they were around $980 on the latest cut of the sale, but maybe they already sold out w/ 30% off and only the totes got discounted further. Thanks so much for letting me know if you find any. That's so sweet of you. I really appreciate it and I'll do the same! Good luck!
  15. This bag is not one of my favorites. In my opinion, this looks more like an "old lady bag" (sorry to those who own it :smile:....) and I am definitely a longer strap person. I hate to carry a bag on my arm.