How old?

  1. Curious there a way to tell when your BV bag was produced - like the "code" on LV bags that tells you where and when your bag was made? I am trying to find out how old my bag is.

    Also, those of you who own Campana bags, do you notice the ring that hold that piece of leather across the top opening of the bag eventually begins to peel? I can see the silver color under the black painted ring on my bag:crybaby: Is that normal wear and tear? I sure hope so.
    I bought mines off Jill's Consignment (has the authenticity tag) so I have no idea how old it is, but I definately didn't notice the peeling of the ring before!
    Thanks for your help!
  2. I just bought my Campana, so no peeling yet. Are you anywhere near a BV store where you could ask them about the peeling? That's disappointing to hear.
  3. ^^No peeling on mine, either, but it's not that old. I agree w/ boxermom-best to ask at a BV store about this problem-doesn't sound too good...