How old were you when you got your first chanel bag?

  1. I was just wondering how old you were when you PURCHASED your first chanel bag? and i mean purchase with your own money...not spending your parents money, or someone gave you a bag, etc.

    I'm only 22 years old, and while i could buy a chanel bag if i wanted to, i just can't justify spending so much money on a bag at this point in my life considering i am still a student. when did you finally decide it was the right time to get your first chanel?
  2. I just purchase my first chanel 2 weeks ago. I'm 26 yrs. I collect mostly LV but find myself lusting over Chanel more. I'm married with no kids yet. We (hubby and I) both work. So it's technically our money.
  3. 30+????
  4. I don't exactly fulfill the qualifications. :p But the day I find myself a mint heart chain medium Chanel flap will be the day I pay for my own Chanel bag (although it wouldn't hurt to ask the parentals :graucho:). Until then, I've put myself on a Chanel ban.
  5. I have always paid my own way (minus a LV hand-me-down from my Grandmother) & I got my first Chanel when I was 22 I think. I have had 5 all together, but currently am down to 2. LV is a different story, I have 25+ pieces!

    What I had:
    Cerf in tan (returned)
    Double sided quilted shoulder bag in black w/ GH (sold for more than I bought it for!)
    Chanel classic flap from the eighties, not quilted but w/ the six lines & the really BIG CC in Gold

    Still have:
    Cerf in black
    Classic flap in Black
    And lots of chanel shoes!
  6. Funny...since I just spoke to Lucas today and put my order in for a black PST with s/h, I will be 56 :death:when I get my first Chanel! :okay:


  7. Congratulations to you, Bisbee! :yahoo:That is a great choice for a first Chanel.
  8. I was like 28, I was more into LV then got into Chanel a bit, still like both among others, I like my collection to be diverse....
  9. 30. it (well, they) was/were a gift to myself for my 31st birthday.
  10. 18
  11. 34
  12. 18.
  13. 27
  14. lola, is that you in your avatar because i think you look like a 20 year old there!

    ~I was 24 when I bought my 1st, and then a week later I bought my 2nd. I'm taking a break.
  15. Yes it's me, and I was 31 in that picture, 32 now......THANK YOU!