How often do you see Chloe bags IRL???

  1. Since all of us here love chloe bags, I haven't seen tons of people in real life with their chloe's. I always see the med. paddy though. How about in your area? :oh:
  2. i've seen a few, most of them have been people at my school (we bring purses for midterms/aps/finals), and the others have been just around. but in total, other than mine, i've probably seen like 10(real ones).
  3. I don't think I have EVER seen a Chloe bag (other than mine) in Oklahoma, although I have seen at least one Target "Chloe inspired" bag that resembles the Paddington satchel. Then again, no one here knows what Chloe is and thinks that D&B and Coach are uber-chic. Can someone please send us some real stores???
  4. No more than 1 or 2 a day when walking about but it increases in my area and around work.
  5. I've never seen anybody with a Chloe bag around and I live in a big city and it's funny though that nobody seems to run around with the "ITbags". The same is with Balenciaga or the Gaucho I've never seen anybody except of me carrying those bags here. Most people wear LV, Prada and Gucci here with a lot of logos on which I don't like that much.
  6. I live in London so see quite a few day to day, but have noticed in the last month or so there are so many people carrying fake paddingtons now...and they are people who you wouldnt expect to be carrying fakes, ie well dressed etc

    Maybe they bought them as authentic and do not realise...
  7. I see many more Silverado's around than Paddys. Richmond, always quite staid, and usually Luella or Prada, when I head into Knightsbridge, its always count the silverado's, and I always see Balenciagas in Harvey Nics being carried. Quite weird really :smile:
  8. I've seen quite a few in Singapore now, even without a Chloe boutique, they're becoming less of a rarity with distributors bringing them in. I've seen a couple of boxes and satchels, and several silverados (although some are fake!)
  9. I have never seen anyone carrying a Paddy (besides me) or any other Chloe bag in the Northwest. I just see tons of them on display at Nordstroms.
  10. I have seen many Silverados in Colorado, I know that people own paddys but I guess we are not all at the same places at the same time.
  11. Never seen one in the town I live in but see loads at Bicester village.
  12. Never seen even one (except mine of course LOL). I am in the boons, fashion wasteland :smile:
  13. i saw my first chloe bag in greece/athens 3 weeks ago!
  14. I've only seen someone carrying a paddy a couple of times at NM.
  15. I've never seen anyone carrying one here in the Twin Cities. Our Nordstroms just started carrying them though, woohoo.