How Often Do You Pluck ??

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  1. Do you Pluck your eyebrows ? If so how often ?
    or, do you have them waxed ?

    I use to have them plucked, but I found it sooo painful. ( I learnt a trick a long time ago to help ease the pain, which was to put orajel on your brow before plucking, it helped, but I love my thick brows better. ):Push:

    Do You Pluck ?
  2. I go to my waxing lady every 2 weeks. She does an awsome job!
  3. I pluck every week. If I need it trimmed then I go to a professional.
  4. i have them professionally plucked at a salon called anastasia beverly hills. haha, i was there last week, and i ended up in a documentary about the salon explaining why i prefer to have them plucked rather than waxed.
  5. How funny...I noticed this weekend that my brows were scary! I am a fanatic about plucking. I love my Tweezerman!
  6. Oh, I've read about her. Is she as really good as people say she is?I've actually bought her home kit...but haven't had the chance to use it yet.

    I tweeze every other day or so (I hate those little hairs coming in), and always with Tweezermans.
  7. she is very good. and she trains all of her stylists very well. they have a mentality in which they keep the customer's eyebrows naturally thick, so they never look overdone.
  8. Do you mind my asking how much she charges? And was it very hard to book an appointment in her salon?
  9. I go to a place here in Coral Gables, Florida called The Brow Shoppe the website is You can make or break an appointment online - there are 2 girls who work there and give you a nice arch while keeping the fullness (which I like) They charge $40.00 for about 10 minutes of plucking - I can't do that as often as I'd like but I try to keep up.
  10. I have heard of her, and often wished I was somewhere near her. I badly need to get my brows professionally done, I get them waxed but people always do a sucky job at it, so i quit that, and at the moment I'm plucking myself. I'm searching for someone who actually knows what they're doing, I'd like my brows to be fuller and more shapely. I think its so important to look polished. What is her kit like?
  11. I pluck mine like once a week. The hair grows very slowly, but I went to a salon to have them shaped the first time. It only costs 14 here.
  12. I pluck every other day. I'm obsessed. My brows look hot, I can't imagine ever enlisting someone else to do it--- it's SO easy.
  13. I pluck about every other day. My tattoo is my guide so I just pluck around it.
  14. to have one of her stylists, tweezing only is $45 and waxing is $35. to go to anastasia herself, it's $60 for the first brow shaping and $50 for follow-ups. as for making appointments, if you don't care who you get, you can do walk-ins and not even have to worry about scheduling an appointment. to book a particular stylist in advance, i generally call a few days to a week in advance.
  15. Thanks for the info!