How much would you pay over MSRP for a discontinued bag?

  1. I'm thinking about buying a discontinued bag on eBay but can't decide at what amount should I pay over retail price. Your thoughts?
  2. It depends on the bag, it's condition and how much I want it!
  3. :yes::yes:
  4. If it is in new condition, then I'd be willing to pay $100-300 more. If used and shows signs of wear...then I'd only buy it if it were retail or less.
  5. As little as possible.. :graucho:
  6. I agree with the girls - totally what kind of bag? and condition?

    I had the opposite happen to us at the store last weekend. This girl brings in a Manhattan GM...and says she paid $200.00 and yeah of course, I am thinking...umm, but anyway! LOL... (It wasn't real of course.)
  7. ^Hahaha, emberassing! I would rather be dead than to carry a fake in the LV store.

    Back on topic, if I want the bag bad enough, it is in excellent condition and I have the funds, I'm willing to pay quite a lot. Although cheap is also nice :P
  8. I bought a discontinued bag on ebay (an LV) and while at the time it didn't seem to be that much, I had remorse after the fact.

    I think if you haven't seen what you are looking for and it shows up, as long as it is in good condition by your standards then go for it. I have to say I have really been good in not buying items that are a bit off the deep end price wise. Again, it would depend how badly I had to have it!

    What item are you looking for?
  9. I usually prefer my bags to be in the best condition as possible... even if there's light, honey patina (I prefer light patina than dark or brand new w/ no patina), I would prefer that the bag is clean and in excellent condition, especially for discontinued items.

    So... the most I would pay is around $300-400 above, and if I can't find what I'm looking for at the price I'm willing to pay, then I just keep on searching.
  10. I really wouldn't pay much, maybe $100 or so, it's really not my thing though.....I try to get everything I really want while it's available, and I can always find new LV that I like, so if I miss out on something I just try to get something else instead....sorry not much help.....
  11. I definately depends on how badly I want the purse. If I really really want it and it's a must have I'll probably pay up to $500 over.
  12. Depends on the condition of the bag and how bad I want it. I think it varies for everyone... you just have to ask yourself how bad you really want it...
  13. Exactly. There is no set percentage you can go by.
  14. Be careful with eBay. They sell a lot of replicas.
  15. It depends on how much I like it AND basic Econ 101, supply and demand.