How much would these things cost in copenhagen?

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  1. So I'm going to copenhagen soon and I found cute things at in english pounds..
    How much do you think these would cost in DKK?
    there's that total in £1437
    I'm so in love with those hysteria top handle bags that it would be perfect purchase at last.

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  2. try to email them, and ask if they have this things and about the price, they don´t have much of the the bags, on UK site in the store
  3. If anyone knows it will be our Gucci queen
  4. you can crown me after I get the reply :graucho:
  5. Love the shoe charm BTW I think it will become a collectors piece in the future.
  6. #6 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    noo.. there's no email add - just phone number. hints? or could someone call there and ask email address for me

    /I emailed to copenhagen airport's gucci if they have email add for copenhagen's store :biggrin:
  7. if you don´t get the email from them so pm me and I will try to find it - I have some questions about some bags too -I don´t want to go to copenhagen and they don´t have the bags I want.

    when are you going to cph.??
    maybe I will come there before you and I can look after the things you want
  8. oh great thanks! I'll go there in the middle of october.
    I've emailed airport's gucci before and they usually reply after few days. But if nothing happens I know one person here from denmark who could give them a call and ask do they have a email address for couple of gals :smile: but I just don't want to bother her until it's really necessary.

    so we have already plan b & c :tup:

    /have to write this question here so I won't forget it; do you think they could order things from, let say uk, if they don't have them?
  9. no don´t know, but I can ask them - I think I will visit the store in this month, so just came back if you want