how much wear does a beige gst/ pst show?

  1. I bought a geige gst first, then exchanged it for a black ( which I love) but also regret. I am thinking of getting one now- how much wear does this color show on the bottom/corners? Also, since the price increase, I have been considering getting the pst instead- will it be too small? I have a long wallet, keys, cell, and medium makeup kit.
    any advice? TIA
  2. I have a beige PST (pic in ref lib) and no marks/wear/tear as of yet. It holds quite a lot actually..more than one would think. I carry about how much you do and it all fits in there quite comfortably IMO.
  3. thaks- i looked at your pic- How tall are you? i am 5'4
  4. also- what is that thread where you could see what fit inside the dif. bags?-I am unlucky searching for it
  5. I am 5'2". Eeek, for the life of me, I can't remember the title of that thread. Let me think about it some more and see what I come up with.
  6. yes-thanks! I live 2 hours away from nearest chanel and am 38 weeks prego! It is killing me! I wish I coulod just go try my stuff in a pst