How much mono is too much?

  1. I just recieved my first purchase of a mono speedy 30 and mono cles. I love them and I'm now thinking about buying either a small wallet or an agenda. I'm torn between a small ring agenda or a ludlow wallet. I'm just worried buying another mono accesory might be too much. What do you all think?
  2. have you considered a vernis or epi wallet for a punch of color instead?
    the mono is a staple and you can't go wrong, but the vernis/epi are lovely....
  3. I have a mono Speedy 30 and in it I carry a Mono small ring agenda and a Mono PTI, and a red leather cosmetic case. I did go with a Pomme Vernis 4 key holder, but I love the way my matching accessories look in my purse to be honest.
  4. I agree....maybe go with some vernis or epi to add some color. The wallet and agenda are 2 very different just need to decide what you need most at the moment, since you already have a cles, maybe the agenda?
  5. LOL, I just asked this not too long ago, I will try and find the thread.
  6. I'd go with Damier- it's different but the color scheme still complements the mono.
  7. IMO, there is no such thing as too much monogram! When it comes to LV...can you ever really have too much of anything?
  8. MC white looks great with Monogram. IMO. I fell in love with how the MC White cles looks on my Speedy. :love: And I almost chose a MC White Pochette Wallet, but in the end, I wanted a Monogram Pochette Wallet to go with any other future purses like if I happen to buy a Monogram Alma, or Monogram Shoulder Purse. :yes: And it would match. I still will enjoy admiring MC Wallets, but won't be getting them anytime soon, as wallets are almost the same price as a Speedy. :smile: But I agree, there is never too much Monogram. And adding color with Monogram is also fun, and looks great. My collection is so small, but thats what I think. You can add color if you want. It will still look great. ;)
  9. You can't have too much of a good thing.
  10. :yahoo: There is never too much mono or LV!
  11. You could go Mono, or something totally different. Personally, I go with what ever I feel like at the moment and throw it all together. Usually it looks like an LV store threw up in my bag (Silver Pap with Black Multicolore wallet, Azur pouchette accessories, and Fuchia Monogram Charms I also have a black nomade agenda so I tend to go with whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.
  12. Well, if you only have a couple of mono pieces that's not too much, but if you have over a dozen, maybe...
  13. That doesn't seem like too much at all!
    Ok..when my mom first started getting LV stuff, she carried these pieces everyday (all monogram): Speedy 30, PTI wallet, Cles, 4 key holder and the checkbook cover. :lol:
  14. NEVER too much mono.