How much is the metallic black reissue?

  1. Exactly in the US in 226 and 227. Anyone know if Saks ordered it?
  2. Also if you have the style no, I'd appreciate it. TIA.
  3. 226 is 2350, 227 is 2495. Saks didn't order them.
  4. Thanks. I ordered one today, the SA said the 226 was $2375. Maybe she didn't check the price.
  5. spylove22, where did you order your 226? I am also looking for one too. I would appreciate if you could tell me the store phone number.
  6. BG, but they don't have anymore. They only a 224 size.
  7. Does it mean that BG is having new shipment on this color? That will be a good news:woohoo:
  8. BG has black metalic reissue 226? I called 2 days ago and was told they only have silver :sad:
  9. I'm not sure. I will post pics when I get it.
  10. i got my 227 for $2595, i think it's usually $2495 but i got mine from chanel honolulu (she said prices might be higher b/c tax rate is lower?)