How much is the jumbo with new chain?

  1. And I guess it will be going up too. At the end of Sept right. ahhhhhh I need this
  2. $2250 as of today at Neiman Marcus. I don't know if any other stores are already reflecting the price increase. Good luck!
  3. As of right now, the price is the same for jumbos with old or new chains.
    And it's $2250 at Saks, too.
  4. thanks ladies,i need to get moving.
  5. Hehe, 2250 is starting to sound like a steal. LOL
  6. ^^ isn't that just sad, luccibag?? :cursing:
  7. ^sad!!!
  8. Oh, tell me about it. My perspective on bag prices has become totally warped. :confused1: Pretty soon anything under 3K is going to sound like a steal. Ugggh.

  9. The brown classic jumbo I got last week is 1910 euros in the Netherlands.. Which is about 2500+ USD. Guess they're less expensive in the States then. or maybe that's just because it's lambskin? Not sure what you guys are referring to..
  10. They also have to pay sales tax over the $2250. In The Netherlands this is already included in the retail price.
  11. :idea: aghaa! That explains a lot.. :biggrin: