How much is my Chanel purse worth?

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  1. I recently received a white leather Chanel bag as a gift. I know it is real, but I was just wondering how much it would retail for. I'm not going to sell it.. I'm just curious and nosey! Anyway, what do you ladies think?[​IMG]
  2. I've never seen that before. Sorry can't help ya. What does the inside look like?
  3. I was told it is a limited edition, so maybe that's why I can't find it when I google it. The inside is a light brownish gold with a zipper and a pocket with the c's. It has a leather tag that says Chanel Paris CC.
  4. someone will recognize that star pattern and chime in I'm sure.
    It came out before my obsession hit!
  5. Is that a picture of the dustbag it came with in the first pic?
  6. Oh I'm already getting hooked! I was never a purse kind of girl, but now.. I love it! I just can't find it anywhere on the Internet.
  7. Yeah, it may be upside down though. It says Chanel Paris and CC on it.
  8. ... am I going to get shot for suggesting that it's not real?
  9. It's just that I always thought the diamond stitching had to match up...
  10. I was told that by the inside it was real. I got it from my boss. He's a doctor and he recently went on a trip and brought us all back purses.
  11. I can't see him bringing us back fakes. He's not the type to do that. If it is fake.. I'm going to kick his butt lol.
  12. If that is the dustbag, its a fake dustbag. Not saying the bag is, but the dustbag is. Does it have a hologram in it and a card to match?
  13. I am no Chanel expert either but can't say I've seen this one at least recently. Do you live near a Chanel boutique? Perhaps they could help you?
  14. The purse came with a tag on it. It was a black tag and certified its authenticity. I don't think there was a hologram or a tag on the dust bag.
  15. He might not know - he is a guy! Even if he's wealthy. I think it was still a sweet gesture. but find out first....
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