How much is a long Cambon wallet?

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  1. I would like a white wallet, perhaps a Cambon wallet, long in white.

    what are the pricerange for the cambon wallets?

  2. I just bought the Black w/Black Patent CC's at Neiman Marcus and it was $595 plus tax ... I think the white is discontinued ???
  3. THANKS!! I am a bit lost which cambon colors that are still availible and not ..

    I'll try and ask my Chanel store today if they have any white wallets, cambon or not.

    How much do you guys pay in taxes?
  4. I think I saw a long white one at the Chanel boutique in Short Hills mall, NJ. You should give them a call. White is discontinued, but there might still be some floating around. Our sales tax here is 7%.
  5. thanks for the info!..unfortunatly I live in Sweden, so buying one from outside of Europe will be a bit expensive, because there is 25% customs duties on the price of the wallet/or the insured price on the package..
  6. Hi! The other day I saw a Cambon wallet at Chanel's boutique in Venice, it was 420 euro. Good luck :smile: