How much is a 2.55 in 255 size in America?

  1. Just wondering if any American reading this can tell me how much the Chanel Reissue in the 255 size (second from smallest) costs in the States? Black leather with silver hardware (if it makes a difference). Thanks.;)
  2. Nowadays, the 225 price is $2425.
  3. for now...*sobs*
  4. i find it quite strange actually because all the other stores (NM, Chanel, etc) has told me that the 225 size is $2425 but when i purchased mine from Nordstrom, it was $2250!
  5. Really! That's good for you! Which reissue did you get from Nordstrom?:graucho:
  6. Unfortunately I just found out that the SA got it wrong! It was the 224 I bought and I'm not pleased at all, I'll be calling the store up for a refund/return. Sorry about the false alarm ladies, the 225 is definitely $2425!