How much does the diamond quality matter in this blue Nile necklace?

  1. Hi there,

    I saw this necklace on blue Nile and thought it was cute but then I noticed the diamonds are I1 clarity and wondered how much that will affect the look/sparkle of the pendant, given the small size. Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm curious too. What's the clarity on a Tiffany of a similar style?
  3. Well, i have no idea also. Could anyone ask the question?:cool:
  4. No idea also BUT the pendant is gorgeous!!! xMMx
  5. I personally would not buy a diamond pave necklace where the diamonds are I1 quality. This means that the inclusions will most likely be visible to the eye- including possibly black carbon spots. In such a small diamond ( well, most large diamonds,too) the inclusions in an I1 will affect the sparkle considerably. These diamonds will probably look grey and lifeless IRL.
  6. I always thought Tiffany's benchmark was I color, VS2 clarity.

    PurpleLo, you'd have to see it in person. I think I1 might be passable because the diamonds are so tiny and since it is a pendant, there is less chance of banging it against a hard surface and possibly cracking the diamonds where the inclusions are. I have an eternity band where it is G color and I1 and while it is bright, the diamonds at times look like cracked ice to me. I ended up cracking one of the diamonds because the inclusion was close to the surface.

    I gave a gift of a I/I1 diamond pendant once, it was 1/10th of a carat but it looked very brilliant to me.

    So it depends on where the inclusions are and how it looks to you in person.
  7. Cut quality is what determines sparkle, but I don't know if that pendant is going to have well cut melee on it's own, and the I1 will probably be pretty cruddy at that size. So I'd pass.
  8. I have a blue nile diamond bar bracelet, it's very sparkly and it's I1. mind you the melee is super tiny but it's a sparkler!

    I think if the cut is good it should sparkle well. I would never buy a larger diamond in an I1 but for teeny little melee stones I find my blue nile diamond bar bracelet is sparkly :smile:
  9. Thanks for your replies everyone. Since I don't feel like dealing with the hassle of a return I will pass on it and spend the money on something I can see in person. Thanks again.