How much does Diabro charge for shipping?

  1. Searched the forum but couldn't find the info...
    Does anyone know? It says shipping is by EMS, so I'm thinking like $30?
  2. Hi,

    I just recently purchased a pair of CL from them. They charged me $24.00 for shipping and I received the item in 4 days.
  3. ^^ Thanks for the info.
    Did you have to pay for any customs fee when you got it?
  4. I recently purchased a pair of CL shoes from Diabro also. I believe the shipping was $24 and it arrived very quickly. They did however screw up and sent me the wrong shoes.
    Their CS team emailed me and said that they would mark the item as a gift with $50 value so that I wouldn't pay any fees. I was not charged any taxes.
  5. I was not charged any taxes either. They do declare a lower value for the item to help us avoid paying tax.
  6. They just sent me an email saying that they will declare the value at $150. Am I still in the safe or no?
  7. I'm not sure. They declared $120 for my item. You might want to ask them. They seem to be quite accommodating. Perhaps you can ask them to declare it for a lower value if you not comfortable.
  8. Well, it has already been shipped. Don't think it'll be a problem.
    Can't wait to get my CLs!
  9. Just wanted to add - I had a great experience w/ ordering from
    The package arrived w/in 5 days and they really do try to do everything so that you don't pay customs.