How much does a Chanel cost?

  1. You guys have to excuse me, since I'm a Chanel noob.
    I want a black quilted purse with chains..or a tote or one of those classic purses with a flap, a 2.55, is that right? Or the same model but with pebbled leather. Or heck, I want a Chanel :p

    But where do the prices start? I'm to shy to visit a boutique and ask :shame:
    And does any1 know what purses I'm talking about and where abouts they might be when it comes to prices?

    Might sound like a dumb question, since my daddy taught me to never talk/discuss money..but it would be good to know how much I need to save up :yes:
  2. There is the Classic Flap...the can do a search and the exact prices will come up...depending on what size bag you want depends on the price...hope this helps...

    also search the ref. library...that would give you a good idea of all the diff. types of purses and prices.
  3. ^:yes:
    Chanel has SOOOOOOOO many bags. . . we'd have to have a specific bag and size to quote prices, but it's all in the Reference Library.
  4. I like the purse you got on your avatar :smile: What is it called? That one in black would make me walk over..dead bodies :smile:
  5. Thank you, guys! I'm gonna go check it out, I still have plenty to learn :smile:
  6. higuysss...

    anybody has an idea of a new price of 226 reissue and 227 reissue...

    thx a lot guysss