how much are these hermes scarves worth?

  1. They are nice scarves. If you put something up on eBay, it is worth whateve someone wants to pay for it on that day. The best thing is when you have two people who really want your items. Good luck.
  2. Don´t really know what these are worth but the second one is stunning!
  3. the first is Versailles, Le Pave du Roy by Christiane Vauzelles, issued in 1975 -- don't know the price range for this one.

    the second is harnais francais , hugo gryglkar, 1956 -- pretty rare, but i don't recall particularly high prices for it.

    i believe the third is called aincre, and is also fairly rare.
  4. Wow, you are amazing, DQ!!

    eta: and I really like your little animated gif! is he a lipizzaner?
  5. Wow, you really are amazing, dressage queen (I ride as well, btw)! Do you believe, if sold on eBay, that they would sell for about $400 all together? Thanks.
  6. oh, no, i was thinking separately, but was curious what i would make altogether.. hermes scarves go from 100-175 on ebay, generally, correct? and then the really rare ones go for 300, maybe 400. I think i would get minimum 100 on each, but wasn't sure if I would get above 135 (for a total of 400) altogether.
  7. Its tough to say....depends on if anyone is grailing for them. And the condition overall. Sorry I cannot be of more help, but I guess this is also a cyrstal ball sort of question, LOL.... It seems like you should be able to get your price.