How much are croc spy bags?

  1. I saw a bunch of amazing croc spy bags at the flagship. Does anyone know what the retail price is?
  2. The croc spies retail for $20,000.
  3. :wtf:
  4. Yikes! Very pricey!
  5. Thanks, Greendrv! :flowers:

    That beats the $30K B Bags. :biggrin:

    For that price, I'd much rather get a birkin!
  6. Sonya, that's what most of us mere mortals think too! :flowers:
  7. i agree, i'd rather get a birkin. im not a big fan of 'croc' anyways..
  8. I think the croc spy bags look cheap. I see a lot of copies on ebay. Ugh, birkin is way better.