how michael kors just lost themselves a customer

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  2. Michael Kors makes a lot of poor quality products. No way would I ever spend a $100 for a pair of their flats again. Mine got ruined with one wear and they were very reluctant to take it back.
  3. I purchased a purse from MK as well as a rose gold watch. I purchased them on the same day and it wasnt even 20 days till the watch tarnished and lost a stone off of it, then the purse strap stuffing all fell out on one, the wax along the straps peeled and the buckle went copper.... NEVER will i ever puurchase anything from them again, and for the fact when head office gives me the run around for 4 5 days is a JOKE... no one buy from them i spent 850 at this stupid place for nothing but S!$@
  4. Where did you buy these MK items?