how michael kors just lost themselves a customer

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  1. so november 2009 DH buys me a black patent shoulder bag at michael kors, size small, $200

    i use it the next day (my bday!) and see white marks in several places. closer inspection reveals that the patent has cracked in one days use

    i go back to th emall the day after that and the manager accuses me of having scracthed it w my keys. i dont like her attitude at all so i show her how my keys are stored in my LV clés. the manager agrees to exchange the bag and i get it in gold metallic, now leary of patent. she doesnt like how im carefulyl examining the bags to pick one and is like "come on it is just a purse it doesnt matter." i find her tone of a bullying nature

    i leave w my gold bag. 2 wks after that the strap cracks and blakc stuffing if u will is poking through. we go through this again.

    now, a month after my second exchange, there is an area on the front of the bag, about 2 inches wide, full of lines where the leather has just split.

    all i can say is i will never ever again buy another cheap crappy michael kors bag. they've lost my business for good. thanks for letting me vent!
  2. WOW.. I hate people who are inconsiderate of other peoples feelings.. I have never experienced this with any MK products but I would definitely contact a manager and just exchange it for another style bag.
  3. wow!
    Wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with these bags??
  4. I never bought an MK bag before, but if I were you, I would write to a CEO and let them know you are returning the handbag and are very displeased! It shouldn't come to that, where you have to put something in writing but that is very unfortunate! An SA that behaves that way should be fired on the spot. Rule of thumb, customer is always right with some exceptions. However, a bag that is 24 hours old and gets destroyed is unacceptable!
  5. How rude! So sorry about what happened to your bags! :tdown:
  6. is this a michael kors bag or a michael by michael kors or a kors by michael kors bag?
    I think that they have different quality in the 3 of the brands.. (not to say that anything that happened to you is acceptable regardlesss -- it's completely unacceptable).

    I agree, write a letter to corporate and hopefully they will refund your $$ or get you a bag that won't have these problems
  7. thanks everyone. DH is going to be downtown tomrorow so he said he wants to take it back and push for a refund. i have drafted a letter to corporate. has anyone ever referenced TPF in a letter like this? ie if this isnt resolved it may put forum members off of the brand?
  8. ^^ FYI it's against the rules to reference tPF in any way in letters like that.. .they don't want to be in the middle of a dispute between the customer and the company... and by you referencing them it implies that they are on your "side" in the matter....
  9. It probably wouldn't put members off anyway. The lower MK line is like any other lower line. They aren't the quality of the top line. A lot of us on here have MK bags and love them. I have 5 of the Collection bags. I love every one of them. Hand made in Italy. Can't beat them.
    My rule of thumb, you get what you pay for.

    But there is no excuse for a rude SA. I would definitely contact someone above that person and get the matter resolved. My DD had one that needed repair. They offered to replace it with a new bag or send it to get repaired at no cost. They couldn't have been nicer. And if the next one would have had issues, they would have been totally embarrassed and done whatever it took to make me happy.

    So sorry you have had issues. It can be very frustrating.
  10. I am extremely shocked by this. I have a lot of MMK bags (obvi by my sig) and I have had nothing but the greatest experiences with them. They all are extremely durable and have held up to a lot of abuse on my end.
  11. I am sorry to hear this. I don't think it matters what line of MK it is. It shouldnt happen so soon after buying it.
  12. ITA! Even a $20 bag should last longer than 2 weeks. :nuts:
  13. i'm sure you will end up getting your refund, and people will continue buying all bags from all lines by Michael Kors. i'm sorry this happened to you. it really was rude of the manager, and i hope she get's a firm talking to from higher up.
  14. I am sorry to hear that. I have never bought any MK bag before. But I went into their shop one day, and I must say, the SA that attended me was one of the nicest eventhough she knew I was just looking around.
  15. I know some other people said this, but we do not allow anyone to mention tPF or speak on behalf of tPF. If you have a list of individuals that would like to be included that is fine, but no mention of tPF at all. Thank you!

    Sorry to hear about this :sad: