How Many

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  1. CL auctions are you tracking on eBay?

    At the moment I'm tracking 15 items and I want them all!

    I know that this is unrealistic of me to purchase all of them, at this time, so I'm trying to decide which ones will come home with me.

    How will you decide which ones to bid on and which ones to let go of?
  2. I'm tracking 8, but there's only four that I really like. I will see how high the bidding goes, and if it's worth it then I'll bid.
  3. Tracking 3 at moment....
    1. How much do I NEED the shoes? It has to be lots before I bid for US auctions (teal Stevas...OMG :love:) and get stuck with customs duties.....
    2. Narrow down sizing based on advice in this forum - never found another designed where I can span a full 2 sizes from 36 - 38.
    3. Review current shoe collection - how many pink shoes can a girl own before the others get jealous?
    4. Price - is it must have no matter what, impulse/reward/treat or too good to miss?
    I can't believe I have a system for this! :nuts:
  4. Chins4 that is a great system!
    I need to work on my system as well, because I've let a couple of items go that I'm regretting.
  5. That's one of the good things with eBay, you don't always need to make a decision right away!
  6. I'm watching 6 at the moment, but only really-truly interested in realistically maybe purchasing 2 of them :p
  7. I feel stupid
    36 :shame:
  8. That's how you find the best deals Stinas!

    I am only watching one. I am a CL eBay virgin. I have stayed away because I would rather buy from stores so that I can use store cards for points/egc or my amex.
  9. I watch everything I like in my size! Probably about 20 right now. I can only afford about 2 though after all my recent purchases! I need a CL ban badly!
  10. :lol: You're my hero...
  11. lol
    Its gone up since that post. :s:shame:
  12. LOL. Sounds like me. I am watching 30. He, he
  13. I believe you! :p

    Mine is sitting at 15 now...dammit.....ban ban ban ban ban:cursing:
  14. :wtf: You are awesome, Stina!

  15. Im on a ban too! lol "ban" haha

    Only watching for the time being. :sweatdrop::push: