How many Riveting Pochettes manufactured?

  1. I wonder if anyone knows how many riveting pochettes are manufactured? I was told it's a limited that's why I got one, but I failed to ask how many of these were made.

    Also, at the first store I was told they're made in France. But when I went to another store (where I bought it) I was told they're not made in France- all of these are actually made in Spain. I'm confused.

  2. I don't think we ever really know exactly how many of a certain bag were made unless it's one of the numbered Les Extrordinares bags.
    I think it's as limited (maybe a bit more so) than last year's Perfo line. I've seen the pochette in the stores I've been in over the weekend. And also, the ones on eBay are all made in Spain. There could have been a couple of manufacturing spots for these but I can't be sure.
  3. mine is made in Spain

    Lv are never very specific about how many are made you can ask them directly but they never really answer
  4. I don't have the pochette, but I have the bag and it is made in France.
  5. I am not really into this line, maybe it will grow on my.
  6. I think the pochettes were made in Spain and the Riveting bags made in France
  7. maybe an estimation?
  8. Yeah the pochettes are still everywhere...I just saw one tonight at LV Neiman's Fashion Island.
  9. Duno the numbers, but yes, the pochette is made in Spain, while the bag is made in France!

    Love them both! :heart: