How many pairs of sunglasses you own?

  1. Ack, I have too many sunglasses, 6 pairs ;
    Black chanels
    tortoise chanels
    white lv (cruise 2005)
    aramante lv
    black raybans
    white varnets
    And I found another pair I want.....Please, please, someone tell me you have more.
  2. I have sold off a bunch of mine. So I only have three pairs right now.

    black chanel
    black versace
    black nine west
  3. 1 pair Gucci
    1 pair Chanel
    1 pair Chloe
    1 pair Dior
    1 pair Oakley
    5 pair of no name sunglasses (that way if I loose them, I'm not heartbroken) and I'm always wanting more :graucho:
  4. Three:
    two pairs of black guccis (2005 and 2006 - not sure about names) and
    one pair of chanels (2003)

    I try and make it so that I can grab at least one pair of designer glasses a year though, but I doubt I'm getting any this year (unless I get a job, and I feel that that is harder than it seems :sad:)
  5. Currently only one pair of black Marc by Marc Jacobs and one pair of American Eagle tortoise shades (Dior Glossy look-alikes). The beautiful black Chanels I had before these I gave to my mum.
  6. 3- 1 Black Diors, 1 Black Guccis, 1 Blue Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  7. many pairs owned or how many pairs lost? :sweatdrop: I swear I go through so many sunglasses, I just get cheap ones because I always either break/lose mine...:push:
  8. 3 pairs: 1 Gucci, 1 Dior and 1 pair of no brand ones
  9. 4 pairs: 2 Chanels, 1 Marc Jacobs, & 1 Nike. I'm also dying for a pair of Dior Glossys!!
  10. I only have one pair, Giorgio Armani
  11. I only have one pair of Guccis BUT I also have regular glasses that I wear a lot of the time, so that's why I don't have more. My roommate has 10 pairs of nice sunglasses if it makes you feel better!!:smile:
  12. 6 pairs: 2 Dior's, 2 Chanel's, 1 Gucci, 1 Juicy
  13. 6.
  14. Yeah, thank you!
  15. and socal and jstreet with 6, I am feeling less guilty be the minute!