How many of you would get it or pass it..?


Would you buy rose dragee Birkin 30cm with PH if it is available to you or pass it?

  1. Yes! Of couse! In a heart beat!!!

  2. No! Pass it! It's pretty, but not practical...

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  1. How many of you would snatch up a rose dragee Birkin 30cm with PH if it is available to you? Or pass it?

    It's such a pretty color, but it is high maintainance...:sweatdrop: It's really gorgeous and LOVEEEEEEEE the color!

    Does it have a color transfer problem like white H bags? If you would not get it, would you rather get this color in a different style H bag? Please HELP!!! Thanks~!:flowers:
  2. Hi Apsen,

    I personally would pass because I wouldn't buy a pink bag but not because of practicality because I'm lookng forward to owning a white bag. I'm sure rose dragee will have some color transfer problems like white but if you love it and you can look after it I say go for it! Just be careful what you wear it with.
  3. I was crazy for a Rose Dragee birkin. But in the end I chose a kelly in rose dragee instead. I use my birkins as totes and I felt I will be somewhat restrained in using the birkin and have nightmares worrying the things I put inside it (magazines, dark sweaters etc) whereas for my kelly, I use it for dressier events, where I only have to carry a purse, compact car keys etc.
  4. I have it, so the anwser is :yes: , btw you have many birkins, and I know u are not the person only buy one and use for everyday:upsidedown: my opinion is if u have clothes to go with why not?? Don't worry too much if it become dirty or color transfer etc....,light colors have always the same problem, but this is one of the reason why they are so pretty:heart: Ask ur DH, I think he will have the same opinion like my DH (be happy to use every birkin, but u are not the maid for ur bag, this is what he always tell me:push: ), so I know my white birkin SO was comfirmed last month, I think I will still get it , because white and pink are still diffrent:p
  5. I worry enough about my medium and dark-toned Birkins that I think I would end up in a psych ward if I had rose dragee or white to worry about...although a 30 is easier to maneuver than a 35...I'd be having nightmares about ballpoint pen, the handles, etc...
    It's a beautiful color though. Just not for me...
    And I love pink.
  6. :roflmfao: Pepper, I agree totally and would join you in that psych ward! I don't let ballpoints come within a thousand miles of my H pieces....still, somehow, somewhere, I would probably bump into one.

    ....and I :heart: Rose and pinks......*sigh*
  7. This all depends on your present collection. Mine is so tiny it would not be a smart move for me, but if you have a nice collection already and have covered your bases...I say it would be stunning!
  8. It's a beautiful color, but I would be petrified to wear it. Too delicate for me.
  9. I'll be joining you in the psych ward too...
  10. Hmmmm, it's so pretty but I'd rather have rose shocking or fuchsia chevre for my pink. :smile:
  11. I'd prob pass it on a birkin, but will do with a Kelly or Lindy !
  12. I do love the color but I am the biggest klutz on the planet so this bag won't work well for me. However, as others pointed out, it would be a great addition to your already mind blowing collection!!!
  13. Pepper spoke for me too - I'd end up in the psych ward worrying about it. If there was a pen within 100 yards from me, it would somehow blow over.

    BUT if you personally wouldn't go crazy worrying about it, it IS a lovely, feminine color.
  14. Ladies - if you end up on a psych ward, I can look after you... and your Birkins :graucho:

    Anyway, back to topic... Aspen, you have an AMAZING collection of Birkins already - so this would not be an everday bag anyway. For me, it wouldn't be a great option, but for you, it would be such a beautiful spring bag to have.
  15. Thank you everyone~! I passed on 1st RD Birkin offer, and kind of regret not getting it at that time. My SWEET SA offered another one (I told her I regret not getting it last time) for me...And I am having the same fear (high maintainance) again about RD Birkin...

    My SA agrees that if I get it, I should not use it for everyday bag, and use it with great attention if I want to keep the bag pretty and beautiful. My SA used a word 'very delicate bag', so, I am having a hard time making a decision even though I LOVEEEE that color...:sweatdrop: