How many of you will only carry LV

  1. I have been shopping a lot lately and nothing seems to make me as happy as my LV's. Anything else I have bought... until today...hasn't made me happy. I was in Norstroms today and I found two bags...not one but two that made me jump and squeal with glee. I bought them both! I guess variety is the spice of life. I hope you all agree.
  2. Congrats on your new bags....

    The majority of my bags are Vuitton, probably around 99%, as my only other non-Vuitton is a leather Dior Saddle Bag....It's just a brand I've known for years, a brand I feel the most comfortable with!
  3. Nice! I've actually been carrying Chanel a lot lately.
  4. I've been wanting a Gucci Indy bag but keep talking myself out of it.. lol. I would just die if it went on sale after I've bought it. I also have Dior bags but never carry them, Lv's go with so much ;)
  5. I'm not devoted to just one brand... I use other brands beside LV.. ;)
  6. I mainly LVoe to carry my LV's. I do have a lot of other designer bags but lately Chanel has been my fav.
  7. I really like LV but I do have other brands. I just find that my Lv bags are not as fragile and so I get more wear out of them.
  8. LV Only For me! :yes:

    I might buy some Hermes when I get older...
  9. Me too! I keep pushing the Hermes envelope though...I see LMM is only a baby...I keep saying that...maybe when I'm 50!
  10. ^^^thats a perfect age imagine going to the canes carying a Birkin and LV luggage...
  11. im stuck to my LV mono pochette!!
  12. I carry Fendi and Gucci as well. But LV is the best.
  13. LV is my favorite, but I have others.
  14. I have mostly LVs, and the rest are Balenciagas, Bulga, Kooba, etc.
  15. I have some Gucci and a few Coach but I find that I carry LV most of the time.