How many of you ladies get regular pedicures?

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  1. I go once a month to get a pedicure, but was wondering how many of you ladies go during the winter months? I love the feeling of the warm jets because my feet have a habit of getting SOOO cold. Even during the summer, they're extremely dry, they're 10 times worse in the winter. I was complaining to my friend today because her, my sister, and I went to get our feet done..I went first, and they got started after me. I wound up getting done 15 minutes AFTER them because my feet were bad!! I mean, you'd think I never get them done for how long it takes them to get my feet into shape! Pretty gross, but now they feel nice again, it just annoys me that my feet look like I haven't had a pedicure in ten years even though I go every month!!
  2. I haven't had a pedicure since a few special occasions in highschool. But I remember how awesome the spa part is, and I regularly pamper my feet at home because I can't be bothered to spend the time or money. Pulsating hand-held shower head, pumice stone, thick cream massaged in, and soft cotton socks do the trick for me.

    edit: And I've won my boy over to the special foot treatment, I find it so much more relaxing to treat each other at home than be out at a salon, where clothing is not optional. ;)
  3. I get them once per month year-round. I've thought about going less frequently and doing them at home but only did that once so far this year.
  4. Usually only when I feel like pampering myself. I can't afford to do it every month, though I really wish I could!
  5. I get one at least once per month.
  6. LaurenAshley85, you sound like my foot twin. In addition to the problems you mentioned, I have a circulation issue that makes my feet feel like they are encased in ice. When it gets bad, I cannot feel my feet or wiggle my toes. I even got into a car accident this winter because of that. It was very scary. Pedicures definitely help...but I need than more frequently than I can afford. :crybaby:
  7. I would like to go at least once a month but it gets costly so I go every few months or so.
  8. I go everyother week religiously!! Every other friday im there with my feet in the tub :cutesy:
  9. Every three weeks. I can't bear to miss one!
  10. Every 3 to 4 weeks year round - but then I live in Miami, where your feet are always out there!!!! and all my shoes are wide open!!!
  11. I usually go once a week, because I wear sandals a lot. I also use a pumice every day and apply moisturizer.
  12. I get a pedicure every month.
  13. I used to get pedis every couple of weeks, but began to cost too much moola, so I learned how to do it myself.
  14. In the summer, I get them done about 3 to three times a month, but in the winter, about once a month.
  15. I'd say about once a month, give or take. I go year round. I want my toes to be pretty all the time and it's so relaxing.