How many men BBag lovers to we have here?

  1. Just wondering

    I noticed that there seems to be a fair number of male LV lovers/users on TPF....
    Just wondering how many men we have here in the Bbag section?:search:

    I know there are more styles from LV for men so maybe that is why?:shrugs:
  2. um... I'm not a guy... but I am a "Men's Bbag" lover!

    I LOVE the look of the Besace - just trying to track one down to get for my boyfriend seems to be a bit difficult. lol... maybe it's my ulterior motive of getting him into Balenciaga so he understand my bbag fetish!
  3. Hello there... I'm one of them! ;)
  4. Prada Prince, I love your collection and your bbag!!!
  5. Thanks! :smile:
  6. more men please :yes:
  7. Hubby is not a fan :sad: :sad: He lacks "funk" :shame:
  8. Over here -- I am trying hard to get the Men's Weekender in Greige or Black -- I wanna be like Prada Prince when I grow up!
  9. Hee... I'm younger than you actually. :p
  10. Thanks for making me feel old AND broke.:push: :push:
  11. Clake- I'm going to have to keep my eye out for you on the streets of SF. You will be my first guy I will see IRL wearing a Bbag and looking fab-u-las!!!
  12. Clarke... there was one on eBay and the forum not long ago...
  13. i'm a male bbag lover :biguns:
  14. so that is 3 so far.

    OMG don't blow...purse ban till 2008? Whoa...that will take total discipline =]
  15. I once made it 13 days not buying anything. By the 13th day, I was ready to punch my BF, kick old ladies and I almost body slammed a Girl Scout!