how many LV's have you seen today?

  1. I just got back from shopping and while I was at the mall I saw 3 women will about that, I came out of Williams-Sonoma and BAMMMM - I saw a lady with the BV and then BAMMM there was another chic coming out of NM with a BH and then (not lying) I look down below (I love to spot LV) and there was a girl with a Manhattan GM going into P.F. Chang's ....can you believe that and in a matter of 45 seconds. I was like man, I should of had my BH on me! HA! HA! Instead I had my mini looping purse instead....oh well, it was exciting to see all the LV's at lunch!!!!

    ...I have to tell you, while I was at O'hare last weekend I saw so many FAKES at the airport, it was sickening!!!!! The leather straps were SOOO off! HA!HA! It is getting easier to tell FAKE from authentic - thanks to everyone on this board!!! how many LV's have you seen today?
  2. One...just mine! :p
  3. one if you even want to consider this a LV this young woman was wearing a denim pleaty at my job which was a horrible fake! the material wasnt even denim it was rather cotton and it had very long handles with plastic handles and a locket!