How many holes in your ears?

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  1. 2 in one, and 5 in the other (2 are taken by an industrial piercing) - I have sleepers in the 2 in the left and 2 in the right, and the upper most has a stud.

    Of course.. this is prolly something I can't keep on wearing. As soon as I finish professional school, it's out with the industrial. :sad:
  2. i got my ears pierced 2 weeks ago!!
    i had them pierced before but i let them close up because my left ear was swelling SO much (so much that the earring wouldnt go all the way through...)
    so i waited about 4 months and got them pierced again!!
    so right now i have those captive bead rings
    hopefully my ears wont freak out like last time!!
  3. one hole in each. Today, I am wearing one of a kind sterling silver dangly diamonds.
    Yesterday, I had clusters of rubies set in18K yellow gold.
    and tomorrow... who knows?
  4. Two holes in each ear:smile:
    Had one set done when i was 7 and the second set when i was 18. I always wear studs so i don't have to take them out, unless it's a special occasion, then i might put some dangly ones in.
  5. 2 in each but i have worn only one earing in each prety much since finishing uni
  6. i HAD 7 on my left ear and 6 on my right ear... it was pretty cool, i had all small hoops too... my boyfriend made me a deal, if he bought me diamond earings then i would have to take out all of my other piercings... so i couldnt resist... so now i just have 1 hole in each ear... i think all my other holes closed
  7. when I was in high school I had 11, 4 on the bottom of each ear and 2 on the top of 1 and 1 on the top of the other, lol but now i only have 4, 2 on each side (I decided to tone it down alittle)
  8. i have 2 holes in each ear..i always wear gold heart-shaped studs in the second holes and in the first holes i wear a gold dangling earrings
  9. Well I did have 10 in my left ear and 5 in my right, but I took out most of them, I have 3 small hoops in my upper left and in the first holes of both ears I have them slightly stretched to an 8 gauge size with spirals in them.
  10. ordinary one in each ear..
  11. Same here.
    I prefer big and colorful earrings, that would look weird w/ more than one pair.
  12. I only have one in each ear.
  13. 7 holes, one left cartilage, 3 on each lobe.
  14. i have 2 each ear. right now i dont have anything on them.
  15. 2 in each ear for a total of 4! They're both on the bottom of the lobe. My first and lowest piercing are both sporting a mismatched and beautiful pair of LV sweet monogram earrings in silver/white, and the second holes have tiny squarecut studs
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