How many holes in your ears?

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  1. At one time, I had 2 holes in each ear and wore 4 earrings at once.
    Now I let the second set of holes close up and just wear one pair of earrings at a time. Today I'm wearing my diamond studs (2 carats each in white gold).
    What are you currently sporting? How many holes in your ears and what's in them today?
  2. Two holes in one ear and one in the other. Nothing in them at the moment! I think I'll have to re-punch holes the next time I try to wear earrings.
  3. Just one hole in each ear. Actually just got them pierced in April 06'. First had my ears pierced when I was 12, but they closed up after a few years since I wasn't wearing earrings consistently.
  4. I had my ear pierced since I was like 1? So 2 holes total, they won't even close up now. At 19 I got my top right ear pierced, didn't last too long. It got infected so I had to take it out, BUT then it healed and I repierced it. Then I just decided to take it out. lol. But I'm thinking about re-RE-doing it again. Also getting a second set where the lobes are. ATM I have nothing in them.
  5. 2 holes in each ear and I always wear my Ironman Triathlon earrings. RARELY take them out
  6. same here!! :biggrin: i got two in my left (i pierced the one on the top myself) and one in my right. Right now im wearing diamond studs on my lobes and for the top a white gold threader. :biggrin:
  7. 3 in each ear in the normal part and one in the top section on the left ear (what do you call that?), diamond studs in the 2nd & 3rd holes, gold sleeper in top piercing and pearl studs in the first front piercing today. So have had my ears hole punched 7 times total. Hope that makes sense :confused1: :P
  8. When I was younger, I had the same amount as Lilly Mae! Now just one each; with very similiar studs as Chodessa. I have lots and lots of earrings, but I never wear them since the studs are so classic!

    They are a little big for my ears though - I take them out about once a month to give them a chance to "breathe" :yes:
  9. I have three holes in each ear, plus a cartilage (sp?) piercing in my right ear. (One of them I pierced myself back in my drunken-party-girl days at college. Somehow, through a vodka-induced haze, I didn't think that jamming a needle through my ear would hurt and/or be a health hazard...)

    Here are today's earrings... Top hole: $1.99 greenish crystal studs. Middle hole: Chanel Double-C's. Bottom hole: Little red crystal drops I got yesterday at Nordstrom's Rack.
    Photo 10.jpg
  10. None!
  11. I have two in each ear, so four total. I hardly ever wear earrings in my second set of holes though. I'm wearing a pair of 24k gold drop dangling earrings my mother gave me.
  12. I have 2 holes in each ear but never wear anything in the second set!
  13. got 4 on the right and 1 on the left one. im not wearing anything rite now...hehe...but the holes are still there.hehe
  14. None, at 26 I'm too scared to do it :yes:
  15. I had about 11 at one time or another but now I only wear one in each year that I got when I was 1 month old. I also had a piecerd belly button that I removed at about 7 months pregnant. Today I have diamond hoop earrings in white gold on. We had my daughter's ears pierced at 4 months. It is kinda a cultural thing. She has round diamond white gold studs on.
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