How Many Hermes Bags do you own? How many scarves? How many other trinkets?

  1. I apologize if this has been done before, but since we are all in llove with Hermes. I thought it would be fun to see how many things we have in our closets,drawers, armoires. It's OK if you think you'd better not count-or try to count.

    As for me, I started down this road about 2.5 years ago. I currently own:

    Bags: 12
    Scarves: 2
    Jewlery, Cadenas, Etc. 8
  2. hmm...hope my DH doesn't see this....I started approx. 4 months ago:

    "big girl scarfs": 4
    70x70 vintage scarfs: 3
    Twillys: 5 (or 6...)
    H-Belts: 2
    Doube Kelly bracelets: 2
    Perfums: 2 (incl. new kelly calèche :heart:)

    hope to get my first H-bag very soon :love:
  3. A middling amount--especially compared to the group here!!!

    Scarves: 1 cashmere/silk shawl, 7 regular scarves, 4 or 5 twillys, one 70cm scarf, a bunch of pochettes. Smalls & jewelry: a Dogon GM wallet, two Ulysse agendas (one's a photobook), a chevre card case, a palladium pegasus cadena, a sterling keyring, sterling cufflinks and a leather/pall bracelent. RTW: just one sweater and a pair of riding breeches; sold all the rest because I got fat, LOL. Bags: at the moment, a few ;) Recently sold a bunch, including a Constance, Evelyne and two Birkins.
    Oh, and I have a ton of 24 Fauborg and Eau des Mervailles perfumes, lotions, etc. And three pairs of H shoes.
  4. Hmm...
    bags: 16, big scarfs: 3, mousseline: 1, scarfs: 9, twilly's:3, jewelry: 3, scarfrings: 3, agenda: 1, wallets (dogon) 2 and couple of cadena's
  5. :nuts:
  6. Never going to count... :s
  7. not all big bags;) like the picotin, little plume, evelyne, massai :smile:
  8. Rose Ouch!!!!

    I have
    1x bag, 3 x 70cm scarves, 1x plisse scarf, 5x 90cm scarves.
  9. Way too much that if I count I may have a very big GUILT trip.:push:
  10. me either, or even guess! haha.
  11. Rose: As for scarves, are we thinking in triple digits?

    Cynthia: Wow! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Ahm, well maybe the dmall ones only count as half a bag?
  13. Okay, I'll play

    Bags: 4 (2 Kellys, 1 HAC, 1 Trim)
    Scarves: 41 - 40 90 cm, One 70 cm
    Scarf rings: 2
    Belts: 2
    Fragrances: 7

  14. ME EITER!
  15. Bags: 6
    Scarves: 25 or so
    Smalls: Dogon GM, passport holder, Karo GM, belt, and probably something else, a couple of bracelets and necklaces
    And a Rocabar horse blanket that my horse has not yet seen