how many dowtown bags do you have?

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  1. I am looking at another downtown-- this is my third one.. is it too many?
  2. I know you ladies in this ysl subforum are not that quiet. Come on, no responses?
  3. I only have one, but if you love the style, go for it! It's definitely one of the bags that I go for over and over again over some of the other bags in my collection. Mine's a bit less structured now from all the wear. Which ones do you currently have, and what are you thinking about getting?
  4. Hi SuLi, I am getting the red patent pebbles leather. I have one in black and sands color. I just love the size and style.
  5. I only have one but I might get another one on my birthday in August. I just love the style and the size. Everything about it is perfect!
  6. I got my first DT about a month ago and love her to pieces! I wouldn't hesitate to get another and it's available in so many different colors/finishes that I think you could still have 3 unique bags even if they're all DTs!
  7. I love the small dowtown, but 3 I think is a bit much. I think you may regret it and wish you got something different instead of a 3rd one. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  8. i have only 1 but my favourite ysl style is the muse and i would get 5 in all different sizes and skins and colours if i could. :smile: so if downtown is ur favourite, go for it. i can totally relate
  9. I think 3 is fine-I love this style and currently own 3 medium DTs-all patent but in very different colors-red/magenta and black. I use this bag every day and it has become my signature style. If you love it-go for it.
  10. I have a medium chocolate one in buffalo leather and love it to pieces.
    Have been thinking about getting a small one in black buffalo for days when I don't have as much to tote around.

    The DT is such a great style! I wouldn't hesitate getting it in different sizes, colors, leathers. Go for it!
  11. so far I have 3 - 2 patent and one regular leather.
  12. I think the downtown is a great bag! I currently have only 1 - my black medium - as a my work/travel bag.
  13. I have 2, wish I only had one, BUT I would get another if I really loved the color combo, like an ostrich maybe...(I just don't love my 2nd one is all...) Three, I'd be afraid you'll wish you'd spent the money on something else. But a lot of ladies love to "collect" bags that are the same shape. I've seen women with nearly every color of the RM MAM bag...that's like 12, 14 or so...Depends on you is all.