How many coach purses do you see??

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  1. I went out to breakfast with my friend today and her and I were noticing how many women walked past us with their coach bags today its crazy I never really noticed until now. I saw 1 signature stripe tote, 2 medium size carly, small patchwork bag.. LOL Ill start taking pics lol:yes:
  2. I dont see many at all where I live
  3. I usually don't see many. There is a girl at work with a real one and another girl at work with a fake one. I did see a lot at both airports this weekend on my trip though.
  4. I see alot of fakes, especially @ Costco!!!! lol
  5. OMG! That is hilarious Candace! I don't see many at all in Canada...that is unless I go to Costco!!! Every woman at Costco seems to have one. Some are real but most are fake. When we were shopping there yesterday, there was a woman with a medium size "Carly" in red signature with black trim. SO fugly!!
  6. I've only ever seen Coach twice on someone else that I can recall! Not at all common where I live.

  7. wow and I thought coach was everywhere interesting
  8. I see them every once in a while, I mainly see (mostly fake) LV and also dooneys and no name brands. But when I go to Las Vegas.. hold on :wtf: Coach and Foach :p is EVERYWHERE!!!! :nuts: :nuts:

  9. FOACH LOL!!!! :nuts::lol:
  10. OMG it seems like EVERYONE here has Coach or a fake one. Mostly fake ones. GAG at the fakes!
  11. I see a lot of Coach bags around here. Fakes every now and again, which are REALLY easy to spot.

    I honestly see more fake LVs though.
  12. Where I live Coach is about all I see lol! Best part is 99% of them are usually auth.:tup:
  13. Not a lot actually...and when I do, they're mostly fake. :tdown: Sad.

    But when I do see a real one, it makes it all the more "worthwhile" :p Plus I appreciate my bags now because noone else really has them/carries them!
  14. I see a lot more horrific fakes that make me :throwup: than I do gorgeous authentic bags that make me :graucho:.
  15. I live in Central Jersey & see Coach ALL-THE-TIME. seriously- at the mall, food shopping, at college, running into wawa... i see carly's, totes, everything. it's almost annoying because when i save up for a coach bag & accessorize it how i want, i feel pride in knowing that i got it for myself. when EVERYONE has them (some fakes too, im sure), it feels like im being unoriginal or something.

    but i went shopping at another mall over the weekend that is in a more wealthy area, and i hardly saw any coach bags. i saw 4 lv's & some gucci. it's weird how location plays a role in the types of bags women are into, i guess because of the distribution of money. interesting stuff! either way, i still love my coach things & am a coach girl at :heart: :tup: